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On this page, you could find useful tutorials on audio topics. Use Ctrl + F to quick locate specific tutorial, if necessary.

Video/Audio Converter

Convert Genius is an powerful video and audio converter to convert files in any format. With it, you will never worry about the format thing: When you need a video/audio, turn to Convert Genius for help.

MP4 to Audio
AVI to Audio
YouTube to Audio
WMV to Audio
DVD to Audio
MOV to Audio
SWF to Audio

Audio Downloader

Download Grooveshark Music
Download Pandora Music
Download Last.fm Music to Computer

Free Audio Tools

How to Extract Audio with FFmpeg for Free
How to Download YouTube to Computer

Mac Application Alternatives

iMovie for Windows
iDVD for Windows
iPhoto for Windows
GarageBank for Windows
iTunes Alternatives
Time Machine for Windows