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Top 40 Oldies Internet Radio Stations

Listen free 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s music online

Oldies music could take you back to the yesteryears and help you reminiscence the past memories. There are the oldies songs you remember and also the oldies songs you want to remember. Many people may have saved lots of oldies vinyl records, cassette tapes or oldies CD records.

But the best way to listen oldies music, in my opinion, is through oldies internet radio stations. This article includes the top 40 oldies internet radio website to enjoy 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s oldies music for totally free.

Best Oldies Online Radio Stations

We generate this top 40 oldies internet radio station list according to google search result and personal experience. Just try them out to select your favorite oldies online radio website.

Oldies Internet Radio Stations Oldie Radio Live Stream
AOL Free Oldies Radio http://music.aol.com/radioguide/oldies-radio
Live366 Internet Radio http://www.live365.com/genres/oldies
.977 The Oldies Channel http://www.977music.com/tunein/web/oldies128.asx
1.FM - Absolute 70's Pop http://www.1.fm/TuneIn/WM/70s128k/Listen.aspx
1.FM - All Euro 80's http://www.1.fm/TuneIn/WM/energy80s128k/Listen.aspx
1.FM - All Flashback Alternatives http://www.1.fm/TuneIn/WM/energyfa128k/Listen.aspx
1.FM - Back To The 50's & 60's http://www.1.fm/TuneIn/WM/energy60s_70s128k/Listen.aspx
1.FM - Back To The 80s (US) http://www.1.fm/TuneIn/WM/back280s128k/Listen.aspx
1.FM - Disco Ball 70's-80's http://www.1.fm/TuneIn/WM/energydisco128k/Listen.aspx
A Flock of Eighties http://www.accuradio.com/shoutcast/links/a_flock_of_eighties.pls
Absolute 80s http://network.absoluteradio.co.uk/core/audio/ogg/live.pls?service=a8bb
Atlantic Radio - 80's Time Machine rtsp://ysj00ms01s0.aliant.net/80sTimeMachine
Atlantic Radio - Radio East Oldies rtsp://ysj00ms01s0.aliant.net/Oldies
Beyond The Beat Generation
Big R Radio - 80s Metal FM http://livestream2.bigrradio.com/80sMetalFM
Brill Oldies
Club 977 The 80s Channel http://www.club977.com/CLUB977HI.pls
Doo Wop Cove Radio http://doowopcove.internetradiopros.net/listen.php?type=pls
Fantasy Classic Gold http://www.fantasyclassicgold.com/FantasyClassicGold.asx
FM Goud http://www.powerstationlimburg.be/fmgoud/html/live.asx
KZQX Unforgettable QX-FM
m80's Radio (Copiapo)
Maxi 80 http://www.maxi80.com/ecoute/maxi80.m3u
Mocha - Digital Radio http://www.digitalaudioproductions.com/mocha/listen_to_mocha.asx
MPEGRadio - '80s http://playlist.mpegradio.com/radio8.pls
radioio - 70s http://www.searchplay.com/radioio70s/A1hi.asx
radioio - 70s Pop http://www.searchplay.com/radioio70sPop/A1hi.asx
radioio - 80s http://www.searchplay.com/radioio80s/A1hi.asx
RadioSkipper http://radioskipper.com/fw.pls
sky.fm - All Hit 70s http://www.sky.fm/mp3/hit70s.pls
sky.fm - Best of the 80s http://www.sky.fm/mp3/the80s.pls
Soma FM - Underground 80s http://somafm.com/u80s.pls
Super Oldies.com http://ct5.fast-serv.com:9760/
The Sandbox http://www.qirt.com:8888/
WDJO 1160 Real Oldies
WPON 1460 AM http://audio.birach.com:9010/
WRLL 1690 Real Oldies WRLL 1690 Real Oldies Live Streams


How to Record Oldies Music

Usually, these oldies online radio stations don't provide mp3 download service. However, by recording oldies music to computer, you could enjoy oldies music on your MP3 player, or use as background sounds of your home movies.

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