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iTunes Alternative

Backup, transfer and convert videos, audios, photos and eBooks for iOS devices

iTunes is the way you get entertained on Mac. iTunes has become an indispensable part of Mac life. iTunes is the music, video, movie, books and even applications downloader, manager and transfer. It's the entertainment center on Mac.

However, iTunes has also many limits in the terms of what it allows you to do with your iOS device during a sync. Sometimes, you want to add a favorite video to iTunes library, but it says unsupported, a video converter is thus needed. So, is there something powerful than iTunes and gives you more freedom to your iOS devices?

Things iTunes Can't Do

Application powerful as iTunes also has limits or disadvantages. That's not because they can't achieve it, but they don't want based on their system and their business value.

1. Backup everything on iOS devices to Mac or even iTunes.

2. Rip DVD to iOS devices.

3. Make ringtone (from audio and video)

4. Manage photos

Are these features what you want to be added to iTunes? Then you need an iTunes alternative. iTunes won't add these features in the near future.

iMate - The Best iTunes Alternative for Windows

iMate is not the either-or application to iTunes. Actually, it gets well along with iTunes. iMate adds more features to iTunes and also has some convenient tools that are same with iTunes.

itunes for pc
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The key features of iMate is managing everything (no limits) between iPad/iPhone/iPod and iTunes/computer. Additionally, you can convert iTunes not supported video/audios, rip DVD, make iPhone ringtone, manage iBooks bookshelf, and more. With iMate, your iOS devices like iPod, iPad, and iPhone are totally controlled by you. Freedom is priceless, but this mate is only $59 to own.

iTunes alternative for Mac is also available, but with another name called Transpod.

Benefits of Wondershare iMate

Backup iPad/iPhone/iPod contents to computer and iTunes

Automatically detects your iOS device when it's connected to the computer and backup everything. This is very useful in case of a system crash, and the only copies are stored on your device.

Transfer any video/audio/DVD to iPod, iPhone & iPad

iMate helps you convert almost any video/audio and even DVD disc to iOS devices and iTunes. Starting from iMate, there is no video/audio/DVD that could not played on iTunes and iOS devices.

Manage all kinds of photos on iOS devices

All kinds of photo formats are supported. You can even preview, rotate, add and delete photos for your device. Easily add photos to device without unnecessary syncing.

Sort or copy any eBook on iOS devices (audiobook included)

Transfer any ebook in Epub/PDF, audiobook on iPhone/iPad/iPod back to iTunes so that you can have a better reading experience on the large Mac screen. iMate also helps you mange your iBooks bookshelf by sorting, adding or deleting ebooks on computer

Make iPhone ringtone from video and audio

This is the surprising part of iMate. Creating iPhone ringtone is a piece of cake. Just select your video or audio source file, and customize your iPhone ringtone with a few clicks. Once the ringtone is finished, iMate transferred the ringtone directly over to iTunes in a slap.