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Photo software like iPhoto for Windows

- Can I use iPhoto on Windows?

- Maybe you can, but you are definitely not recommended. iPhoto is deeply integrated with your Mac OS. Therefore, even though you have got iPhoto works on Windows, it can't run in the way on Mac OS. What you need is an alternative to iPhoto on Windows. Windows Live Photo Gallery is an excellent alternative on the Windows 7, but today, I high recommend Picasa - the great photo software for both Windows and Mac.

Why Picasa is the best alternative like iPhoto for Windows

Picasa is developed by Google and it's totally free to use. I think it's the best iPhoto alternative for PC. Picasa 3 has similar or advanced features than iPhoto. See below.

Automatically organize

Picasa automatically scan all the photos on your PC, and get them organized in seconds. Therefore, you can easily find the photos you want as quickly as possible.

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Work seamlessly with Picasa Web Album

Picasa lets you easily organize and edit your photos on hard disk, while Picasa Web Album helps you instantly create online albums to share with friends and family.

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Advanced face recognition

With the advanced face recognition of Picasa 3, you can use the name tag to find similar photos in seconds. In the latest version 3.8, you can even make a Face movie featuring special person. Cool!

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Add places

By using Google Maps, you can easily add geo-tags to your photos so that you can find it when you want and help you remember exactly where the photos are taken.

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More photo software equivalent to iPhoto on Windows

Windows Photo Gallery Software

Microsoft also provides photo software for the Windows systems. You could use Photo Gallery or Live Photo Gallery software.

Like Picasa and iPhoto, the Windows Live Photo Gallery also offers great photo organizing, editing and sharing options. Photos can be easily rated and sorted by tags, dates and ratings.

With regard to sharing photos, it's convenient in Live Photo Gallery to upload photos to your Facebook account. If you want to burn photos to DVD, Live Photo Gallery works seamlessly with Windows DVD Maker, similar to the relationship of iPhoto and iDVD.

However, Windows Live Photo Gallery only support Vista or 7. For Windows XP, Photo Gallery and Picasa is the best iPhoto alternative to Windows, before iPhoto release the official iPhoto for Windows platform.