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Recording application like GarageBand for Windows

GarageBand is the powerful digital audio workstation for Mac. With GarageBand, you can easily record, mix and produce music on Mac. Your Mac will be turned into a full-featured audio workstation.

Bad news is that you have to work on Windows now? Searching the internet for GarageBand for PC, or GarageBand for Windows? You are not the first one, also not the last. Many people ask for the same thing:

What is the Windows equivalent of GarageBand?
GarageBand like program for Windows?
Is there anything similar to GarageBand, but for Windows platform?

But, with no avail because there is NOT GarageBand for Windows. GarageBand will only works on Mac, forever.

Online GarageBand alternative for Windows and Mac

Sonic Producer is a damn easy yet powerful online music maker that you can use on Windows and Mac. Like GarageBand, it provides the key features you'd expect from GarageBand, like loop samples, music sequencer, beat creation, on-screen piano, drum pads, etc. Sonic Producer ver 2 is on sale (80% off) now. Hurry up!

garageband for windows 7

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Mixcraft is the best desktop alternative like GarageBand for Windows

Of all the GarageBand equivalent for Windows I have tested, like Sony ACID, FL Studio, Cubase, and so on, Mixcraft comes closest in the terms of user interface, functionality, simplicity, price and results.

imovie for pc
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As you could see from the screenshot on the left, the program has an easy and friendly interface. Therefore, you could record audio and produce music as easy as GarageBand on Windows.

Like GarageBand, Mixcraft Acoustica also contains tons of virtual instruments, sound effects, and audio loops (over 3000). Note that you need pay another $99 to buy additional instruments and loops for GarageBand.

You can even edit video with Mixcraft. Various popular formats are supported. When videos are done, you can burn them on to DVD or upload to YouTube to premiere your band shows.

More GarageBand for Windows Alternatives

Sony ACID Music Studio

Acid Music Studio by Sony was one of the first digital audio workstations to offer full multi-track recording, midi support, and loop making options for a low price. Apart from Mixcraft, Sony ACID is considered as the closest thing to Garageband for Windows.

Key Features of Sony ACID Music Studio

1. Record, edit, and mix live vocals, instruments, and MIDI.

2. Create songs with over 3,000 music loops and produce DJ-style remixes.

3. Built-in CD burning.

4. Included learning tutorials and learn as you go.

5. Share songs on CD, PSP, iPod, iPhone, online, and more.

LMMS - Free GarageBand alternative for Windows and Linux

There are also freeware similar to GarageBand on Windows. That is LMMS - Linux MultiMedia Studio. Just as the name states, it also runs on Linux. LMMS let you produce music by synthesizing sounds, arranging loops, and playing on a MIDI keyboard.

Key Features of LMMS

1. Full user-defined track-based automation and computer-controlled automation sources

2. A Beat+Bassline-Editor for creating beats and basslines

3. Song-Editor for composing songs

4. An easy-to-use Piano-Roll for editing patterns and melodies

5. An FX mixer with 64 FX channels and arbitrary number of effects allow unlimited mixing possibilities

6. Many powerful instrument and effect-plugins out of the box

7. Import of MIDI and FLP (Fruity loops Project) files

Learn More: Why there is NO GarageBand for Windows

Apple builds a relatively closed platform with certain excellent software. These software is exclusive to their platform, on other platform like Windows and Linux, they won't do its best as on Mac. On the other hand, these software like GarageBand and iMovie are so good that people buy a Mac simply because of these programs. Would Apple release a GarageBand for Windows and let your order a Windows system?

GarageBand is part of iLife suite. It's very strange to only build GarageBand for Windows. At the same time, it's ordeal to turn all these software work around Windows. So don't waste your time finding GarageBand for Windows, just decide buy a Mac or select GarageBand alternative for PC. Fortunately, you use Sonic Producer to make music no matter on Windows or Mac.