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Sonic Producer

Easy yet powerful beat making software. Sonic Producer is not the best beat maker software for everyone, but you can make beats without any prior knowledge online.

  • - Make online beats with tons of free sounds
  • - Save created beats to MP3 format
  • - Up to 16 tracks sequencer and 8 pads
  • - User friendly interface - anyone could make beats
  • - Comes with production lessons in Logic and ProTools
  • - Cross-platform support: Windows, Mac, Linux
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Professional beat software to make Rap beats, Hiphop beats, R&B beats, Reggae beats, House beats, Jungle, beats and any genre of beats. With it, you can make pro beats quickly.

  • - Create unlimited beats with 1000+ free sounds and more to come
  • - Export your beats to the industry standard studio quality output (44.1 Stereo 16bit PCM .wav format)
  • - No midi keyboard, expensive wires, or pro soundcard required
  • - Import your own sound to make beats to play anywhere
  • - Make any genre of beats with your keyboard
  • - Easy enough for the beginners & powerful enough for the professionals
  • - Compatible with any platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone and more
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Music Producer Pro

Learn how to produce music professionally like the master musician Jay Dynasty, who has been recording and performing music for over 20 years. Music Producer Pro contains all information you need to start making music, including certified power instruction, 14 video lessons, 20 audio lessons, MP3 instruction and 1000 documented resources for all stages. Whatever you are a beginner or an advanced music producer, you will be a pro with it.

  • - Dynamic training videos and step by step instructions
  • - Learn beat making and sampling
  • - Show you all the strategies and secrets to be a professional producer and performer
  • - The proof teach methods all included in Music Producer Pro
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Online Beats

You are now learning about the biggest royalty free hip hop beats and audio database ever. It includes beats (rap, hip hop, raggae, r&b, etc. ), sound effects, drums, strings, synths, and every thing you can think about audio. All comes in high quality and untagged. And the database is becoming bigger and bigger. Now you can get all this for a ONE-TIME fee - No recurring fees.

  • - 1000Mb beats for about 24 hours and updating
  • - Lifetime access for one fee
    • - Downloadable free beats in 39 genres, NO LIMITS.
  • - Created by music producer with 20 years of experience
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Beat Making Secrets

It's about the secrets to earn thousands of dollars a month - how to make beats for selling. This product will save your time and money to take your beat making ability up to a truly competitive level. Want to make beats specifically for Hip-Hop and R&B artists? Look inside!

  • - You DON’T have to be a great musician.
  • - You DON’T have to read music.
  • - You DON’T need a degree in audio engineering or music theory.
  • - You DON’T need to spend a fortune on equipment or a professional studio.
  • - Beat making secrets give you all to be a super beat making star.
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