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Dirty South hip hop beats preview and download

This is a hip hop music style emerged by rappers most from Houston, Atlanta, Miami or other cities like New Orleans and Dallas. However, everyone can enjoy dirty south hip hop. Play the sample to take a look at dirty south hip hop style below.

Why called dirty south? See below. If the "dirty" word bothers you, you could just called Southern hip hop.

Dirty South is also the stage name of Dragan Roganović, a Serbian-born Australian DJ, remixer and record producer based in Melbourne. However, this page has nothing to do with him. Only free dirty south hip hop loops provided to play and download.

Free Dirty South Hip Hop Loops Samples

Hip Hop Beats Title Preview Hip Hop Loops Hip Hop Loop Type
Dirty South Hip Hop Sample #1 .mp3
Dirty South Hip Hop Sample #2 .mp3
Dirty South Hip Hop Sample #3 .mp3
Dirty South Hip Hop Sample #4 .mp3
Dirty South Hip Hop Sample #5 .mp3
    Dirty South Hip Hop
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Dirty South Hip Hop

Dirty South hip hop, also known as Southern hip hop, was a third major American hip hop genre, besides East Coast hip hop and West Coast hip hop. Southern hip hop genre of music was influenced by hip hop that emerged in southern U.S. cities, including Dallas , Houston, Little Rock, New Orleans, Atlanta, Charleston, Memphis, Miami, Nashville, Raleigh-Durham, Birmingham, Shreveport, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville FL, Jackson, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Baton Rouge.

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