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You can download and use our provides resources totally free for personal use or commercial use, referring to the specific license. Free resources cover beats and loops, wallpaper background, audio software, and more to come.

Free Loops and Beats Resources

Click the Play button to preview; Click the title to play or download, or right click to save as MP3 file.

 Audio File Title Preview Loops Free Resource Type Loops Category
Acid Drum Loops Example .mp3 Acid Drum Loops
Acoustic Drum Loops Example .mp3 Acoustic Drum Loops
Dance Drum Beats Example .mp3 Dance Drum Beats
Disco Drum Beats Example .mp3 Disco Drum Beats
Groove Drum Beats Example .mp3 Groove Drum Beats
Jazz Drum Beats Example .mp3 Jazz Drum Beats
Reggaeton Drum Beats Example .mp3 Reggaeton Drum Beats
Hip Hop Loops Example .mp3 Hip Hop Loops
Rap Loops Example .mp3 Rap Loops
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Free Wallpaper Background Resources

Explore and download free wallpaper backgrounds covering popular categories.

Free Audio Software Tools

Below is the best industrial alternatives to the commercial software.

Freeware Alternative Short Description Commercial Software More Audioware
LMMS Creating beats and melodies, mixing of sounds, and arranging samples. FL Studio Audio Tools
Audacity Audio editor for recording, mixing, cutting, converting GoldWave, Audio Recorder
Free Audio Converter Convert between all regular audio file formats   Audio Converter
CDBurner XP Burn audio CDs with or without gap between tracks. Nero, Roxio Audio CD Tools
MediaMonkey Play almost any audio files, organize music, record CDs, convert MP3 ... iTunes Audio Player

Free Music on Amazon.com

US visitors can download free music legally. Only an Amazon account is required to get legal music for free. Music genres include pop, jazz, dance, electro, and so on. Go to download free music now.