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Making techno beats online with over 2000+ sound samples

Techno is a popular form of electronic dance music (EDM) in the United States during the mid to late 1980s. Today, it's still an important music genre in the music production industry. Long ago, the Roland TR-808 was the preferred drum machine during the early years of techno. Nowadays, what's a good techno beat maker? What's the best techno beat software?

My recommendation is Sonic Producer. It lets anyone make professional techno beats in no time. How could be possible? Sonic Producer is a techno beat maker with more than 1000 easily categorized samples. As long as you know how to use your mouse, you can make techno beats that will blow away your friend's mind.

Techno Beat Maker for You to Make Beats Online

How to Use Sonic Producer Techno Beat Maker

How do Sonic Producer look like? Here is the main interface of Sonic Producer. However, you have to purchase before you can login your Member account, and access this techno beat maker. Below I'll show you how to make techno beats with Sonic Producer - the best techno beat software online.

techno beat maker

Step 1: Choose from pre-made techno loops

Pre-made techno loops make it easier to start making techno beats. Sonic Producer supplies a large loop library to help you make impressive techno beats. Just select a loop sample and lay down on the track (up to 16 tracks available).

Step 2: Arrange drums, basslines and instrumentals

Drums are the core of techno beat. The baselines may reinforce the down beat of your drums, but add some notes the beats to make it rhythmically interesting. Finally, the instrumentals can complement the overall beat. You're free to mix down all of there. Just do what you want.

beat component

Step 3: Export techno beats to MP3 and share online

Now, it's time to export your techno beat to your computer. Sonic Producer supports the most common sound format MP3 and high quality WAV format. You can then upload your techno beats to sites like SoundCloud or burn it to CD share with others.

Techno Beat Maker FAQs

Will Sonic Producer work on my computer?

This techno beat maker works on all web browsers with Adobe Flash Player plugin installed. It does not matter if you have a PC, Mac or other platforms.

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