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Making rap beats online with over 2000+ sound samples

Want to develop rap beats without any prior knowledge? You could take some course of making rap music and invest lots of money to buy instruments. Or, use rap beat maker software to compose rap beats without any machines.

One of the best rap beat software is Sonic Producer. It lets you to make rap beats with the sound library. You'll even have video tutorials to get started and step by step guide in the member zone. This way, even newbies cam produce awesome rap music like a pro. Start making your rap beats now and don’t forget to have fun!

Rap Beat Maker for You to Make Beats Online

How to Use Sonic Producer Rap Beat Maker

First, let's take a look at the user interface of Sonic Producer. Once you've login your Member account, you'll see the online beat software interface as below. Then just lay down your note on the track to make your first rap beat. Also refer to the following steps.

rap beat software

Step 1: Choose 1000 loops from sound library

No prior skills to make beats from the scratch for the beginners. Sonic Producer provides a large sample library to help you develop killer rap beats. Just select a sound sample from well organized categories and lay down on the track. On-fly beat editing is available, including tempo, volume, record, etc.

Step 2: Remix & mix down beats

Drums are the core of rap beat. Here is the standard set: the kick drum, the snare and the hi-hat. After choosing a sample from Sonic Producer's library, click to add them to your Sonic Producer's step sequencer.

Step 3: Export rap beats to MP3 and share online

Who says that beat making are just for professionals only? Now you can export your beat to a file on your computer, and share with other by email or burn to CD. You can even upload rap beats to websites like SoundCloud to share with friends.

Rap Beat Maker FAQs

Will Sonic Producer work on my computer?

This rap beat maker works on all computers and operating systems. It does not matter if you have a PC, Mac or other platforms. If you can't use it, make sure the Adobe Flash Player plugin has been installed.

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