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How to Make Your Own Beats at Home

Using Sonic Producer - the best online hip hop/rap beat maker

Sonic Producer is considered the best beat maker online. It stores an array of real samples online so that you can access anywhere and make your own beats from these samples. Want to make your own beats at home. It's the time now. No prior experience and no copyright limitation.

What you need is only Sonic Producer and your creativity. All other things is loaded into Sonic Producer. Want Drums? How about 9 DIFFERENT PERCUSSION CATEGORIES, including Kicks, Snares, Timpani, Timbales, Steel Drums and more. Want guitars? Sonic Producer is loaded to the max with strings, including Bass Guitars, Rock Guitars, Wah Guitars, Electric Guitars, and hundreds more choices. Want more? Piano, Cymbals & Chimes, Horns & Brass, Chords, Combos, Riffs, Special Sound Effects… ALL INCLUDED! Start making your own beat at home with Sonic Producer.

Make Your Own Beat in a few Clicks

It's Simple - Everyone Can Make Their Own Beats

Now see how to make beats step by steps.

Step 1: Choose from 1000's of presets

Sonic Producer includes pre-programmed real samples to help you make your own beat anywhere, so you don't have to record you own. Login your Sonic Producer member area, and select a sound sample and lay it down on the track (up to 16 tracks available).

make your own beat

Step 2: Draw your drum pattern

Drums are the core of any beat production. After chosen a sample, draw it on the track and click Play button to hear your talent!

The next layer in making your own beat is the basslines, which includes the electric bass, double bass or keyboard. They are also known as "riffs" or "grooves", which are usually repeated, with simple variations, throughout the song.

Instruments can be added to complement the overall beat, including guitar, horns, congas, flute, piano, sax, and so on. Keep trying and make errors for the perfect sound mixing.

make your own beat

Step 3:Export your beat and share online

When you're happy with your own beat, export it to an “.MP3” or “.WAV” format. Sonic Producer supports the most common sound format MP3 and industry standard WAV format.

Beat Making Tips

1. If your track will have vocals added later, leave space in the sonic mix for them to be added in.

What's a beat? How to make your own beat?

The word "Beat" is usually referred to "hip hop instrumental", which is the most important non-lyrical aspect. Generally, the creation of hip hop instrumentals or beats involves samplers, sequencers, drum machines, live instrumentation, synthesizers, etc. However, anyone with a decent beat maker software can make beats at home effortlessly.

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