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How to Make Free Beats on Computer

Turn your computer to digital audio station for free

Want to make free beats on your computer? This article will share with you 2 ways to turn your computer to beat machine. Option 1 - Sonic Producer. It's trustable online beat maker with over 1000 pre-made samples. One-time fee for lifetime free beat making. Option 2 is the free beat maker software LMMS. It also contains loop samples for beat making.

Option 1: Make Free Beats with Sonic Producer

Option 2: Make Free Beats with LMMS Free Beat Maker

LMMS is the acronym of Linux MultiMedia Studio. It includes preset loops and toolkits to make free beats on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. You can use LMMS to make totally free beats by synthesizing sounds, arranging samples, and playing on a MIDI keyboard. Many powerful instrument and effect-plugins are also included. Get LMMS now.

Compare Options: What's The Differences of Ways to Make Free Beats?

Both options to make free beats seems to work, but what's the differences?

1. Internet Connection. Sonic Producer is an online beat maker, so it requires the Internet connection to access its features. LMMS is a desktop beat maker. Once downloaded it online and installed on your computer, you can use it anywhere with your computer.

2. Support. Sonic Producer is a commercial beat maker, which means you'll get video tutorials and technical support almost instantly. LMMS is a freeware, less support will be provided, but you can find also tutorials online by other users.

3. Preset Sounds. As regard to the pre-made sound, Sonic Producer is much more than LMMS. The former includes over 1000 programmed sound, while the latter about one hundred.

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