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Making hip hop beats online with over 2000+ sound samples

The hip hop instrumental is usually referred to as a beat, which is consisted of drums, basslines and various instruments. While some hip hop beats are sampled directly, others are created by drum machines such as the Roland TR-808 and the Alesis SR-16. However, beat maker software or digital audio workstations are used for modern hip hop music creation.

One of the best hip hop beat maker software is Sonic Producer. It lets everyone make hip hop beats wihtout any prior skills. How? Sonic Producer includes over 1000 samples in all categories. As long as you know how to use mouse, you can make hip hop beats that will impress everyone.

Hip Hop Beat Maker for You to Make Beats Online

How to Use Sonic Producer Hip Hop Beat Maker

First, let's take a glimpse at the main interface of Sonic Producer. When you login your Member account, you'll see the beat maker interface as below. Then get the detailed tutorials to make your first hip hop beat.

beat component

Step 1: Choose from pre-made sounds

You don't have to be a professional to make hip hop beats. Sonic Producer comes with a huge sample database to help you make killer beats. Just select a sound sample and lay down on the track (up to 16 tracks available).

Step 2: Remix & mix down beats

Drums are the core of hip hop beat, after choosing a sample, click to add them to your Sonic Producer's step sequencer. When formatting your beat, you can change the order of the intro, the chorus, the verse, the bridge, around in anyway that you like. There are basically no rules for panning. Just do what you want.

Step 3: Export hip hop beats to MP3 and share online

When you're satisfied with your beat, export it to a file on your computer. Sonic Producer supports the most common sound format MP3 and high quality WAV format. You can then upload hip hop beats to sites like SoundCloud to share with friends, or burn it to CD to play or deliver to others.

Hip Hop Beat Maker FAQs

Will SonicProducer work on my computer?

This hip hop beat maker works on all computers and operating systems. It does not matter if you have a PC, Mac or other platforms. If you can't use it, make sure the Adobe Flash Player plugin has been installed.

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