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Free iPhone Wallpaper Backgrounds

Free Desktop Backgrounds for iPhone, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, etc.

Due to the popularity of iPhone and the latest iPhone 4, wallpaper backbrounds for iPhone, iPhone4 and iPhone 3GS is very welcome. On this page, you can download both wallpaper backgrounds for iPhone (320x480), iPhone 4 (640x960) and other iPhone mobiles.

Free iPhone 4 Wallpaper Background - 640*960 in Size

Click to view larger size of iphone desktop backgrounds and download for free.

free iphone wallpaper 01
free iphone wallpaper 02
free iphone wallpaper 03
free iphone wallpaper 04
free iphone wallpaper 05
free iphone wallpaper 06
free iphone wallpaper 07
free iphone wallpaper 08
free iphone wallpaper 10
free iphone wallpaper 11
free iphone wallpaper 12
free iphone wallpaper 13
free iphone wallpaper 14
free iphone wallpaper 16
free iphone wallpaper 17
free iphone wallpaper 19

Free iPhone Wallpaper Backgrounds - 320*480 in Size

Click to view larger size of iphone desktop backgrounds and download for free.

free iphone background 01
free iphone background 12
free iphone background 02
free iphone background 03
free iphone background 04
free iphone background 05
free iphone background 06
free iphone background 07
free iphone background 08
free iphone background 09
free iphone background 11
free iphone background 13
free iphone background 14
free iphone background 15
free iphone background 17
free iphone background 18

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What's the best iPhone wallpaper size?

The display resolution of iPhone and iPhone 3GS is 320x480, while iPhone 4 640x960. Therefore, the best wallpaper backgrounds size for iPhone is 320x480 in dimensioin, while iPhone 4 is 640x960.

How to set image as iPhone wallpaper background?

To set a picture as wallpaper on the iPhone, do as followed:

  1. 1. While you are viewing an image, push down on the image until a menu shows up, choose Save Image and it will be automatically saved to your Photos.
  2. 2. Select the Photos Icon on the main screen of your device.
  3. 3. Select the wallpaper image you just saved, then tap the square button with an arrow in it on the left bottom and select Use As Wallpaper.
  4. 4. Then choose Set Wallpaper.

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