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Speak Now by Taylor Swift

Speak Now by Taylor Swift
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  • * This version contains: 14 MP3 songs
  • * Original Release Date: October 25, 2010
  • * Format - Music: MP3
  • * Compatible with MP3 Players (including with iPod), iTunes, Windows Media Player

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Songs included in this new album

Song Title Time Price
  1. Mine 3:51$0.69 > Preview
  2. Sparks Fly 4:21$0.99> Preview
  3. Back To December 4:53$0.69> Preview
  4. Speak Now 4:01$0.99> Preview
  5. Dear John 6:44$0.99> Preview
  6. Mean 3:58$0.69> Preview
  7. The Story Of Us 4:26$0.69> Preview
  8. Never Grow Up 4:50$0.99> Preview
  9. Enchanted 5:52$0.99> Preview
10. Better Than Revenge 3:37$0.99> Preview
11. Innocent 5:02$0.99> Preview
12. Haunted 4:02$0.99> Preview
13. Last Kiss 6:07$0.99> Preview
14. Long Live 5:18$0.99> Preview

User Reviews on this new album

Would Taylor Swift be so universally adored if she wasn't so adorable? Probably not. If you disagree, name one ugly pop star since the dawn of MTV - let alone CMT. Sure she's no stranger to the occasional flat note of off-key chorus, but thanks to the miracle of studio-wizardry anyone from T-Pain to Britney Spears can have a hit record these days. What sets Taylor apart is she proved you don't need to sell sex to sell records; you don't need to be on major label to top the charts; you don't need to be old to write songs that are universal tales about the human condition; you can be a role model without being a hypocrite or a prude; you can be a celebrity without being a train wreck - and most importantly for the sake of this review - you can pack 14 singles onto an album without a single dud. No filler here. This would have made a good soundtrack to summer, but we'll have to settle for it warming our hearts and tapping our toes all winter long. Sure, the road she's traveled in her 20 years is quite different from yours or mine, but the mark of a true artist is capturing snapshots of real life and presenting them in a way that is timeless, captivating and honest. See more user reviews.

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